Custom tanned leather

We create the skins you need for your collections.

Our quality differentiates us

CLeather tanners for Fashion: Footwear and Leather Goods.

We tan the leather to offer our customers excellent fashion pieces to make their footwear and leather goods collections. We have been adapting our products to new fashion, footwear and leather goods trends for more than 50 years, working hand in hand with designers of the most demanding brand collections and products.

Our logistics


The speed of the service, the personalization and customization of the product, and the rapid adaptation to new trends give us an advantage as suppliers of leather for footwear and leather goods, we are able to offer our clients an immediate and fast logistics service to satisfy the needs of a market as changing as that of fashion footwear.

For our clients, logistics efficiency is very important, being able to serve our product anywhere in the world in the shortest time possible, and of course with the best guarantees after correct handling of the product.

Custom Products

Products adapted to the needs of each client.

At Revecurt we offer a quality product that is in line with the trends that the fashion market sets for us, but we are also capable of offering tailor-made products adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Specialists in light Mestizo and Goat skins.

Our speciality, the light Mestizo and Goat leather, allows us to offer customers different versions of this product that is highly valued by shoe and bag manufacturers: cut, lining, suede, nappa, laminated or fulled are some of the examples of how we can get our customers a product exactly as they need it.

Our goal is to be able to reach manufacturers through their designers with the best possible, personalized and tailored product.


Finishes according to European and international regulations.

In the leather sector for footwear and bags, it is not enough to have a high quality original product, it is also necessary that the entire process through which our raw material passes guarantees the technical and environmental requirements that the footwear industry demands.

Our manufacturing processes meet the requirements of European and international production control bodies.

Environment and Sustainability

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