Sustainability and Environment

Commitment to a sustainable future


Social Responsibility and Circular Economy. Revecurt guarantees manufacturing processes that are compatible with the ecosystem and not harmful to people.



We know how important the issue of sustainability is today and we believe in healthy integration with the ecosystem we inhabit.

For this reason, the slow process of elaboration of our skins is carried out only with tannins of vegetable origin and with total respect for nature.



We have adopted a modern Organization and Management Model, oriented towards achieving results.

Corporate Social Responsibility, worker health and safety, environmental protection, product quality, which have always been the founding values of all relevant productive activity, are the basis of Revecurt麓s business project.


Finishes according to European and international regulations

In the leather sector for footwear and bags, it is not enough to have a high quality original product, it is also necessary that the entire process through which our raw material passes guarantees the technical and environmental requirements that the footwear industry demands.

Our manufacturing processes meet the requirements of European and international production control bodies.


Leather Working Group
Approved Trader

We are the Approved Trader Leather Working Group (LWG), which is a very important step towards improving sustainability in leather treatment production standards. The goal of the Leather Working Group is to make conditions in tanneries and brokers transparent and more sustainable.

To do this, the tanners will not use critical substances and will reduce the consumption of water and electricity. In addition, they will control work safety on a regular basis.

Currently, the Leather Working Group brings together more than 160 actors from 21 countries in the various stages of production throughout the leather goods supply chain.

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